Don’t Let Idiots Ruin Your Day


I meditate to become a better listener and hopefully a better person. When that doesn’t happen I beat myself up. Alan Watts (in one of his dharma teachings) has given me another perspective. Believing that meditation would help me improve my listening skills and/or help me be a better person, is nothing more than staying hung up on the future (which he says never comes) … instead I should just be “Grooving with eternal peace.” In other words, live in the present moment.

Ok, I will do that but I am “stuck” when it comes to how I can stop myself from getting pissed off about the behavior of others. There are certain “triggers” that set me off.
Examples: 1. People who hurt/neglect animals or other humans who cannot defend themselves (kids, elderly, disabled)

2. People who want to impose their will on to others by force (legally or otherwise by creating rules that they think we should all live by… because it makes them feel better)

These two behaviors make me crazy (I already know I have no control over someone’s behavior except they are sometimes successful at controlling mine, via creating and enforcing rules) and I have trouble not getting myself sucked in. I find myself coming to the rescue and end up getting so angry I think about the situation all day or for several days. I end up allowing those idiots to ruin my day… well, that may be an over statement, but I do allow them to hang around inside my head far too long.

Any suggestions? I can’t be the only one with this problem…




One thought on “Don’t Let Idiots Ruin Your Day

  1. it can be most challenging to keep compassion alive, Ingebird!
    i find it necessary to always remember
    the first noble truth, that there is suffering,
    that everyone needs help
    even the Buddha 🙂


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