“Conversations with God”


Last Sunday morning I checked out the OWN channel to see what the Super Soul Sunday’s line up was and found out that Alanis Morrisette was being interviewed on the show, Shift Happens. Having been a fan of her music, I figured I would see what she has been up to these days.

Long story short; she became a star almost over night, made a crazy amount of money but found herself depressed, a problem she had years before she became famous. She went to India and started to heal. She got married, had a kid, suffered post partum depression — read some books, and ya da ya da ya da…

She ended up in some spirituality panel along with her favorite author, Neale Donald Walsch, who I never heard of, so I looked him up and it seems he wrote some books, one of them being, Conversations with God .

Alanis seems to be a hip chick (like me) who has some “anger issues,” (like me at times) so I figured I would read his book. There was a copy in my library and today I started reading it. I didn’t notice until I was reading the Introduction, that the book I have is “book 2,” of a three book series. The author said the first book was more personal and the second expanded to include relating to others.

Then I read a few paragraphs into Chapter 1.

“Let’s start by causing you to notice that this book has arrived in your life at the right and perfect time. You may not know it now, but when you finish with the experience that is in store for you, you will know it absolutely… God is going to have an actual conversation with you now, through me.”

Now, I knew this book was going to talk about God because God is in the title,  but so far it was “creeping me out.” From past experience, two different people told me at separate times that God told them to give me something and that something was usually broken or I had no use for.

So now I am always skeptical when someone says God told them something. I knew a woman years ago who used to do “automatic” writing to figure things out in her life. She would ask a question and start writing. She said the answers to important questions always came to her that way. She never said God was answering her though. and I figured it was her subconscious.

Is this what Neale is writing about? Is he doing automatic writing?

Then I found myself wondering if he is a Born Again Christian, so I looked that up. He was raised Catholic but no mention of him as a BAC. His name was mentioned on a “rapture” website, telling it’s readers to stay away from his books because he writes that God is ok with homosexuals. I decided if he pisses the “fringe” homophobic Christians off, he’s probably ok with me.

I will continue to read his book and keep an open mind.



2 thoughts on ““Conversations with God”

  1. I read the first book. What really struck me wasn’t so much the content but rather the synchronicity relating to this particular book. It’s a very long story so I won’t bore you with the details but the short version is that I watched a TV program as a teenager. The program that I tuned in to watch was replaced by an old movie. It was a fluke that I even saw the end of the movie, but I did. It was also a fluke that later that day I picked up my Bible (literally a fluke as I never would read my Bible). Thirty years later, I happened to pick up Conversations With God at a bookstore and look at it (three different times actually). The third time I randomly opened the book and read the first thing that I saw. These three synchronicities were linked by the very same biblical phrase which was included in all three. The odds of that happening are incalculable. So, tell me, who was I “talking” with?


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