Conversations With God… Continued


You have probably been wondering where I’ve been the past week.

Ok, realistically, you probably weren’t, but that won’t stop me from telling you anyway. On April 2nd I wrote about a book, I just started reading called Conversations With God (If you didn’t read that post and want to know what I’m talking about, click here.

One of the last things I wrote was, “I will keep an open mind” and I did. In fact I was so interested in what Neale Donald Walsch wrote in Book Two, I found Book One and read that too.

I mentioned before that I have trouble with the name “God.” I picture a bearded guy judging us and sending some to Hell and others to Heaven, depending on if we answered a question correctly; the question being, “Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” That question never sat well with me and I just couldn’t get into the whole Christian dogma either. It didn’t sound right to me and I don’t do well being told what to do, especially if there is an ultimatum.

After reading both of NDW’s books, I can honestly say, I resonated with this because it confirms what I thought before and that is — we got it all wrong!

There is no actual Heaven or Hell and the rules (dogma) we are told in many churches are there because many of us want to be told what to do, and to know that if we don’t do as we are told, there will be dire consequences that await us after we die.

Conversations with God is one of the first books, besides Buddhism thought that don’t contain a bunch of  commandments. There is no angry or vengeful God.

Was the book channeled by God like the author claims? I don’t know for sure and I don’t care. I don’t care about the messenger, I care about the message. Although it does seem unlikely that any one person, like NDW, to come up with the ideas and explanations in the book. There is a lot of information packed in those pages.

There are websites devoted to debunking what he wrote, but there are also those sites who debunk quotes from Buddha. People love to create drama and criticize, instead of focusing on getting along and leaving the planet in fairly decent shape for our kids. I don’t care who said what. I care about the message.

His book also reminded me of Eastern philosophy (reincarnation, personal responsibility; are you coming from love or fear?) and The Law of Attraction books (you create your own experience by your thoughts), that are written by Esther Hicks, who channels the teachings of Abraham. I also watched several videos about him.  Again, I don’t care if Esther is channeling Abraham or not, I care about the message, which is similar to Conversations with God and Buddhism.

The take away message I got from his books is; we are responsible for our own actions.

There is a lot I want to think about now that I read two of his books in one week!  I still have trouble with the name God, but that’s my hang up, but I am ok calling it Source or Spirit or Energy.

If you haven’t read his books or know who he is (apparently he’s been around since the 90s), Google him. You can probably find his books in your library (that’s where I got mine) and you can also read it online via PDF.

One of the things God mentioned is that people will criticize what he wrote, saying he blasphemes and that the Bible is the only true word of God. To them I say, how do you know for sure? Is it because it is something you have been told since you were young or that it is accepted by western society and that makes it so? Question your beliefs and see if they are truly yours, or were they given to you…  and if they are yours, then hold them tight. As for me, they were never my truths and to go along with the “crowd” would be living a lie and I just cannot do that. Your truth might not be my truth and that’s ok.




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