Wordless Wednesday May 6, 2015





2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday May 6, 2015

    • Great question! I follow teachings of many spiritual beliefs, among them Hindu. From what I’ve learned so far, many of the eastern religions/philosophies are similar. In fact, when I was looking for news about the earthquake in Nepal, their two major religions are Hindu and Buddhism. I was always drawn to pictures of Ganesh and have a couple small deities of Ganesh on my altar. He is a Hindu god, but he is also deeply respected by many Buddhists because Buddha and his early followers were originally devotees of Brahmanism (early Hinduism).

      I don’t know the history of Ganesh and Buddhism but your question made me curious and I found this:

      Lord Ganesha is widely worshipped in Buddhism. Several Hindu deities were adopted by Buddhists with the intention of worship or for portraying them in humbling conditions. Lord Ganesha was adopted in Buddhism for both adoration and humiliation. Lord Ganesha is depicted as the Buddhist deity Vinayaka in Buddhism. He is also presented as the popular Hindu god Vinayaka as well. Several images of Ganesha are found in the Buddhist texts that belong to the Gupta period. The Buddhist form of Vinayaka is generally presented in the dancing stance which is also known as Nritya Ganapati. Read more here.



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