Finding Buddha in the Cat Food Aisle

dollar buddha head

For the past two years I have wanted a Buddha statue for my home. I found a beautiful blue, eight inch Buddha head statue a while ago but it was $16.00. At the time, I thought it was a bit expensive. When I changed my mind a few days later and went back to buy it, it was gone.

Then I found a nice green ceramic two foot tall Tibeten Buddha statue, sitting in lotus position at a local tea shoppe. It sells for $89.00. I look at it every time I go in to buy a cupcake, but I just can’t spend that much money right now. I knew eventually the perfect Buddha statue would come in to my life. I just had to be patient.

Two days ago I was in the Dollar Store looking for the large size cans of cat food. They seem to be one of the few places that sells the 13 ounce size. I was walking down the pet food aisle looking for my brand (or rather my cats’ favorite brand), when I spotted a dark-colored Buddha head, just sitting on the shelf. How many times have you seen a Buddha head in the pet food section of a store? I can honestly say, I never have, but there it was — just sitting there. It seemed like it was waiting for me to come along.

I picked it up and saw that it had some dings on the face. It was quite heavy, probably made out of stone resin. I turned it over looking for a price tag. Surely this couldn’t be only a dollar. I connected to the statue right away (I know it sounds weird, but I did. I buy all of my spiritual things that way. If there’s no connection. I don’t buy it). In to the shopping cart it went, along with a case of cat food I found further down the aisle.

The clerk at the checkout counter scanned my items. The Buddha head was indeed a dollar! How awesome is the Universe! He now sits next to my statue of Saint Francis that I found in a flea market several years ago. He was only couple of dollars because he is missing his right hand. I like buying objects that aren’t perfect because it reminds me that life isn’t perfect, but it’s still beautiful and has meaning.




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