The June Bug and the Spider


It’s lunch time and Annie, my orange tabby sits by the screen door, fixated on whatever is going on in the patio.

“Annie! Time to eat!” I yell. She continues to stare outdoors not even glancing my way.
I walk to the screen and scan the patio floor to see what she thinks is so interesting. Then I see it. A June bug is lying on its back kicking its tiny legs furiously, trying to right itself. “Help I fell down and I can’t get up!” It screamed. Did I mention I’m an empath, a sort of sentient-being whisperer?  Not only am I able to pick up vibes from my environment, but all sorts of creatures communicate with me all the time, usually telepathically. This wouldn’t be the first June bug I helped and probably not the last.

I slid open the screen door and walked over to the helpless beetle, when I noticed the large spider hovering over it, about two inches away. The spider slowly lowered itself from its web, licking its chops, preparing to sting the bug with its paralyzing venom. Now I understood why the beetle screamed so frantically. I was the only hope this poor creature had before it became the spider’s next meal.

Time was of the essence, so I looked around for a stick or a long leaf or anything to move the spider out of the beetle’s reach, but there was nothing. The spider has a right to live a happy life, just like the beetle, so crushing it was out of the question. I pinched the web with my finger tips and lifted it a few inches to the right. The spider still attached to the web, landed in a nearby flower-pot. I reached down and let the June bug grab on to my finger. A second later it flew across the grass and danced around the bushes. It breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry dear spider for ruining your easy catch. I know you have to wait a long time for an unsuspecting insect to get stuck in your web, but June bugs are special to me. They fly around carrying their oversized bodies like it’s no big deal… and did you see its beautiful iridescent green back?”

The spider crawled onto a plant and I heard it say, “Whatever.”




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