Meditation With Eyes Wide Open


This morning I decided to meditate with my eyes open. I wanted to see if it felt any different than when I keep my eyes closed. For the most part it was the same.

I observed my cats making faces at each other, while my dog kept his eye on one of them who he thought was getting too close to his “personal space.” I heard him give a faint growl. I could barely hear it but I’m sure Annie knew it was directed at her. She kept her distance and focused her attention on Lily who is always ready for a good wrestling match. They ended up playing a game of chase.

Outside my patio window a June bug visited and buzzed around a few of my succulents. A hummingbird stopped by for a quick morning snack from the feeder hanging outside.

Off in the distance I heard a car alarm sound off for nearly four minutes (I know because I checked the clock) I will admit, the noise got to be a bit annoying. I found myself thinking “Doesn’t the owner hear his or her own car alarm? If no one goes to check on it, what’s the use of having one anyway? We have a lot of car break-ins here.” Then I stopped myself and focused on observing and not editorializing.

The garbage truck arrived and I heard the dumpsters being moved from their spot and the garbage being dumped.

A few birds chirped, along with a crow. I heard the jingling of a dog’s leash as a neighbor walked by with her Jack Russell. A couple small airplanes flew over my house to land at the airport nearby.

A few times an idea for an essay and a chapter for my book popped into my head. I though about filing it away in my memory bank and writing it down after my meditation but then I remembered that my memory is not what it used to be post chemotherapy. If I wanted to remember, I had to get up and get my small pad from the coffee table and write it down.

I did the best I could to remain in the present moment, write down my idea and go back to what I was doing. I believe it was Thich Nhat Hanh who said you can meditate anywhere anytime. It’s all about being present.  I believe I did a pretty good job accomplishing that.

Later today I will sit for another 20 minutes the same way. I’ll see how that goes…




1 thought on “Meditation With Eyes Wide Open

  1. I enjoy reading about your experiences. Thank you for sharing!
    The biggest issue I have with any meditation is noise. I get startled so easily. I tried to incorporate the noise into the meditation but the loud surprised noises make it really difficult.

    Any suggestions?



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