The Spider’s Web

etsy spider web 004

Bingo, my dog woke me up this morning to go out for his morning walk. It was 7:30 a.m., his usual time, so out the door we went walking along our usual path, when I saw the huge spider web glistening in the morning sun. A large brown spider sat in the middle, waiting patiently to catch an unsuspecting insect flying by. It was about 15 feet ahead of us. Luckily for me I saw it before I walked into it. I turned Bingo around and we went another direction. While he was doing his business, I hoped that no one else would run into it, destroying the web before I could get my camera and take a picture of it.

Luckily Bingo finished quickly and I was back outside looking at the spider’s beautiful artwork. I know for him or her, its merely an intricate trap to get a meal, but I have a fascination with spider webs. I admire all the hard work and long hours it took that spider. It worked throughout the night. Too bad he or she didn’t know it was located on a busy path used by many residents walking their dogs or emptying their trash in the dumpster.  If it had only been built a foot higher there probably wouldn’t have been a problem. But what does a spider know about logistics? How could it know, humans would be the ones ending up in its trap?

The sun seemed exceptionally bright this morning so I couldn’t tell if I was able to get a clear picture of the web with my camera. I kept taking snapshots anyway, hoping at least one would turn out. Three of them did and I am happy.

I came out to look at it thirty minutes later and the web was gone. All that hard work gone with one swipe of a human hand, or was it their head? I’m sure the spider is ok because when I got close with my camera, it scurried towards the Redwood tree it had fastened itself to.

I would have liked seeing who walked into the web and what their reaction was. A few years ago I watched a neighbor run into one outside his front door. His reaction was pretty funny. He got a broom and swiped the air to make sure it was gone and when he came home later that evening, he used his hands to “paw” the air in front of him; I’m guessing to make sure the spider didn’t make a new web.

Since I’ve studied Buddhism, I look at spiders and other outdoor creatures (whom we like to call pests) differently. They are sentient beings who deserve to live as much as me. They are my neighbors and sometimes visitors, when they end up inside my home. I have cats who think they are entertainment, so as soon as I see these “guests” I put them back outside.

I feel bad for that spider to have to start all over and build a brand new web. I don’t know if it started one yet. It’s been so hot out today. Maybe spiders are used to it and XX


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