Shifting My Morning Focus


The past couple of mornings, Monkey Mind hasn’t been as vocal as she usually is.  Mornings are when I have the most trouble with negative thoughts taking over my mind. I don’t know why that is. I know you’re probably thinking, “Just sit and meditate as soon as you wake up” and the problem will be solved, however, I have dogs that need to go outside and do their morning business and when I get back from their walk, the kitties want breakfast. The best I can do is meditate about an hour after I’m up.

That being said, I am learning that I can still observe my thoughts and dismiss them if I don’t like what they are saying. I am in control of my thoughts. They do not control me but I didn’t understand that until I started meditating. They do continue to pop in my mind, but I now deflect them quickly. It’s taken some time but I am seeing a change for the better and I think it’s because I changed my morning routine just a little bit.

As soon as I open my eyes, I spend a few minutes showing my appreciation for waking up in the first place! I may be sleeping but there are parts of my body that works 24/7. I give thanks to my ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. I give thanks to my heart for beating continuously and my lungs for breathing. I appreciate the comfortable bed I sleep in. I appreciate the sun shining (although I will enjoy some cooler temps in the near future.) My hubby and son are healthy and safe.

I have much to be grateful for!

I think focusing on how blessed I am, helps keep Monkey Brain quiet, since I have yet to hear her give thanks to anyone!




2 thoughts on “Shifting My Morning Focus

  1. This is a lovely reminder. Mornings have been difficult for me as well lately, as it’s the moment I’m reminded most of how I don’t want things to be the way they are. It can come flooding in with that first sense of consciousness can be difficult to counter. It would be a good opportunity to actively use gratitude as an antidote. Thank You for sharing! -Jenny


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