Buddhist Advice on How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

When I get grumpy, my body is telling me I’m doing too much. Taking time out to meditate helps me. I do meditate in the morning, but sometimes I need an extra one in the afternoon.





2 thoughts on “Buddhist Advice on How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

    • Thank you for asking ZL. I decided to post your question here in case someone else wonders the same thing.

      My go-to meditation is Zen. Sitting quietly for 20 minutes has helped me for the past 4 years. That doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t
      stop thinking, although it’s getting quieter for longer periods. Recently I started sitting with my eyes open and focusing on the Buddha statue across the room. Since I have problems with my legs, I sit on a comfortable chair with my back straight.

      I think the best thing to come out of a daily practice is noticing my thoughts throughout the day. If negative ones try to take over, I remind myself they are only thoughts and I can choose to think them or not. I am also a better listener.


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