Jane: The Call of the Wild

This post is an update about Jane, the kitty who was left behind when a neighbor moved (about 3 months ago now). If you didn’t read the original post, you can click here to be brought up to speed. Since that post, I’ve had a few more insights and revelations about Jane. The first one is–Jane is a boy. I was never good at sexing a cat (obviously). A neighbor told me she is a he, she (my neighbor, not the cat) noticed tiny sacks that once contained balls while she was petting her…I mean him. If you think you’re confused, try writing this.

I decided to continue to call the cat Jane. Since there is a song about a boy named Sue, my male cat can be called Jane. Actually she isn’t my cat and I don’t see him as much. I think it started about a month ago when I saved a lizard from the paws of Jane, who thought it was a fun toy. The lizard didn’t think so and when it heard me talking to Jane, it screamed for help. In case you don’t know,  animals talk to me a lot, especially when they’re in trouble. I’m sort of an animal whisperer. Anyway, this happened a few more times and Jane wasn’t happy about when I took away her toys.

I know because before the lizard rescues, she, I mean he, would visit me while I sat on the step. I petted him and he would lie next to me. He came in my home and hung out on my bed. I was upset at first that Jane snubbed me. I’ve never been ignored by an animal, especially one who I thought was my friend.

THEN, I saw Jane walking alongside my neighbor, Alice. Jane rolled over and allowed Alice to rub her stomach. I really felt hurt. How could he be friendly with Alice and ignore me? What had I done to deserve such treatment? Then I remembered Jane’s a cat and he doesn’t think the way I do. In fact, I have no idea what Jane thinks. I do know he’s a cat and he acts similar to my indoor cats, meaning they come for rubs and loving when they feel like it, not when I want them to. Alice probably didn’t take away any of Jane’s toy lizards either.

I’ve noticed something else about Jane and that’s how he’s adjusted to living outside. He reminds me of the dog in Jack London’s story, The Call of the Wild.


I read the book a long time ago and don’t really remember much, except it’s the story of how a domesticated dog was dognapped, escaped his captors and lived on his own in the wild. Jane’s story isn’t the same because our condo complex isn’t that wild, although in his mind it wilder than living indoors. Either way, he’s now wild. He enjoys climbing trees and snooping in our dumpsters. Several of us provide Jane with food and water. Tiffey even provides a bed for him.

I wish Jane would come live with us but his decision is beyond my control. Annie, my indoor cat who runs charges the window when Jane looks inside, is happy he wants to stay outdoors. Annie should know better though, she was kicked out of her home (in my same complex) when a baby arrived. I took her in after she was outside for a month. The difference is, Annie never wanted to go back outside. Jane only wanted to come for a visit. He might change his mind when it starts raining. We are expecting a wet winter. If he wants to come inside, he is always welcome. Meanwhile I will continue to talk to him when I walk the dogs. Jane does come along with us. He just doesn’t want to get too close and I have to be OK with that.

Namaste, ingebird



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