Tis the Season

art and christmas buddha 011

There are thirteen days left until Christmas. It’s Saturday and I’m betting the malls are packed with shoppers. I’m sitting home hanging out with my pets, reading and writing this post.

I was never attracted to organized religion because there are too many “rules.” So Christmas for me has nothing to do with a Christian holiday. Buddhist philosophy (I don’t see it as a religion) appeals to me because I can ask questions and get satisfactory answers. Buddhism helps me relate to others in the here and now. I’m not all that interested in finding out what happens after I die. Most traditional religions spend a lot of time explaining the afterlife, and I just want to get through this life without causing too much damage and hopefully leave the world a better place.

Sometimes amusing news stories pop up this time of year claiming there is a war on Christmas, although I haven’t met any Christians who feel this way. Remember the “Starbucks Christmas cup” controversy a few weeks ago? Donald Trump even got in on that craziness.


Last year Christians (supposedly) got mad at store owners for wishing customers a Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas. Of course, that whole “fight” could have been made up by some guy in a newsroom hoping to boost ratings. I frankly don’t care what someone greets me with; Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Have a nice day. Its all the same to me. And I don’t think anyone else really cares either. Its just being polite.

Even though I’m not Christian, I still celebrate Christmas in my own way, with my own traditions. I enjoy watching old holiday movies, treating myself to baked goods and driving to neighborhoods decorated with festive lights. Hubby and I don’t exchange gifts. We have everything we need or want. My son is grown and spends Christmas with his dad and stepmom. He’s relieved I don’t expect him to be home with me.

We don’t have a Christmas tree because the cats will think its their personal perch and I’d spend my day picking up broken ornaments off the floor. There are a few vintage porcelain Christmas trees sitting on a shelf, alongside a small bust of Buddha in my living room and the wreath hanging on the front door is made from objects left over from past holidays.

art and christmas buddha 048

Hubby and I will treat ourselves with a homemade dessert from the local bakery. That is our gift to ourselves. Since we stopped eating junk foods, we’ve learned to appreciate baked goods and save them for special occasions.

I wish you and your loved ones a safe, happy and healthy holiday.





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