I’m Feeling Yin


The past few days I have been reading; books on spirituality, Buddhism and other people’s blogs… and taking cat naps.  I don’t feel like doing much else. I feel like I’m cocooning, spending much of my time indoors, only going outside to take the dogs for a walk. I haven’t done much writing and started feeling guilty about that today. I even thought of myself as lazy… but then I ran across someone’s personal blog who wrote about the importance of just “being.”  Her words resonated with me.

A friend told me a few years ago that during the winter months she doesn’t take on new projects. She spends her time contemplating and reading. She told me winter is yin and is a time for her to look inward and slow down.

I guess I’m doing the same thing, but I live in a society that doesn’t appreciate slowing down…for anything. We are told at an early age to stay busy. Isn’t there a religious saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s play things?” We are taught if we don’t stay busy we will get into trouble.

If I think about it though, I’m still doing something: reading, meditating, contemplating and I forgot to mention earlier… watching You Tube videos. They aren’t just any videos. They are informative, spiritual ones. Maybe I’m feeling hungry for knowledge, for other people’s perspectives about life and matters of the soul. I have been reading some fantastic stuff!

I don’t know how long I will feel like hibernating but I decided to just go with it and enjoy the ride.




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