Farm Living is the Life for Me!

OK, we’re not exactly living on a farm, but we are one step closer to having our animal sanctuary, a long time dream of ours.

Last Christmas I announced to hubby we were moving March 1st, although I had no idea where to or how. I did know it would be to a rural area. At the time, hubby thought I was crazy because we didn’t have a lot of money saved. Nevertheless, I “knew” it was going to happen. I will admit, I freaked myself out a bit as well.

Hubby mentioned my premonition to his sister who lives in Amador County in early February, and a week later she called him about a job opening, in a veterinarian office, two blocks from her house. Hubby has worked with animals over ten years, so he set up an interview. He started working there March 4th. I stayed in Southern California waiting for him to find us a place to live; a house outside the city limits became available a week after he started his new job.

Gold Mine 035

We moved in March 28.

I won’t lie, I was nervous about leaving the city, even though it was too hectic for us to stay. What will it be like living in a small rural community? Will I fit in? I don’t dress like a typical 60 something female, living in a rural town, but then, how do I know what women my age dress like? I hadn’t lived there yet. Maybe I won’t look so different or I’ll start a fashion trend! I already checked online to find Buddhist meditation groups in the area. There were none. To be honest, I rarely sat Zazen or meditated with a group when I lived in southern California, so that shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m an introvert and I need lots of alone time. In my new home I can meditate in nature which is only a few steps from my front door.

To help calm my nerves, I meditated several times a day and read essays from Buddhist authors about impermanence, while I waited to move up north. Other spiritual writings and quotes popped up in my social media sites, about “trusting the Universe.” There were also too many synchronicities that couldn’t be dismissed as coincidences. In my heart I knew we were on the right path, but my ego continued to have doubts.

It’s been a week now and we are finally settling in to our new home. I haven’t ventured out much because we have one car (and I’m an introvert). As I’m writing this post, I look out my living room window and see pine trees. Our house is surrounded by them. We do have neighbors but they are about 100 yards away.

Today I think about how this move taught me several lessons about life.

1. Sometimes I have to let go of the need to control an outcome and go with the flow. (None of us are really in control of what goes on around us anyway.) We just think we are.

2. I have no control over the behavior of others, only how I react to them, interacting with me and that includes the property manager and the owners of this rental house.

3. I have too much “stuff.” The description of the size of our moving van (15 feet) was not accurate. The contents of our one bedroom condominium did not fit into a moving van that claimed to hold a two bedroom apartment. Several pieces of our furniture and a few boxes of garden stuff were left behind in the dumpster. Our new home looks very Bohemian, which is great, until I have to get up from the futon mattress that sits on the floor. (We had to leave the futon frame behind.) My knees are not limber anymore and the “fake” hardwood floors, have zero traction. Buying a throw rug is on my shopping list.

4. This next one goes along the same theme as having too much stuff. While unpacking, I divided things in two categories; things I love and am keeping and things to give away for someone else to enjoy. The local thrift store is in for a big surprise!

5. Always trust my intuition. It knows what’s best for me.

6. Have faith that things will work out.

There are probably more lessons, but that’s all I came up with for now.

I know we are supposed to be here, so I’ll continue to watch for signs from my spirit guides as to what to do next.




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