Living Without Television


The reason we moved to a rural area is to get away from the “rat race” of living in a metropolitan city. If you ever sat in traffic on any of the Southern California freeways, you know what I mean. Even when we were home there was constant noise; daily fireworks from Disneyland which was five miles away; fireworks from neighbors who had nothing else to spend their time and money on; the sound of police helicopters hovering overhead, looking for God-knows-who…and on and on.

Hubby and I have wanted to own a small farm and animal sanctuary for years now and we aren’t getting any younger…so we made the move this year. Everything fell into place; the Gods were on our side.  We aren’t living on a farm but we are in an unincorporated town. We are surrounded by 80-100 foot tall pine trees. Our neighbor has a property with some farm animals. I met their miniature horse and turkeys when I walked to their fence.

Hubby and I are from the city. I never lived in the country. He lived and worked on a dairy farm thirty years ago. Before we moved, I watched videos about living off grid. I wanted that. We wanted to be of service and leave the smallest footprint on Mother Earth. Living off grid made sense… in theory. Actually we aren’t off grid but we do get our water from an underground spring and we have a septic tank. I know… that’s not anywhere close. Maybe the Universe is helping us adjust slowly.

When we moved, we did what 99% of Americans do; we signed up for cable, phone and internet service. That’s pretty simple. Right? Not if you move to the country. Competition is limited. OK, there is no competition for internet service. There’s only one company and they still have dial-up. You want the Internet? You have to sign up for their phone service too because that’s how the Internet comes to your home. So, we signed up for all three…the bundle to save money… luckily I was smart enough not to sign a three year lease to get a discount. The contract stated “If for any reason, service was cancelled before the lease was up, you will be charged $350.” No way was I agreeing to that!

We got our first bill and I almost had a heart attack. There were all kinds of “hidden” charges that were never told to me when I signed up.


I dropped the cable and kept the bare minimum phone service so I had Internet. At first I was upset…but I have now had time to think about it. “Things happen for a reason” (I usually roll my eyes when I hear someone say that but I am coming around to that concept).

We moved to the country and are renting for now, but our goal is to network with like-minded people and own that farm. We will have that animal sanctuary! I also wanted more time to write; to read books; to learn about herbs; to spend time in nature and be more creative. I won’t do as much of those things if I’m distracted watching television. We have plenty of DVDs, CDs for music and there’s a video store five minutes away. We can make watching a movie, a special event, not just mindlessly watching whatever crap is available on TV that night (and there is a lot of crap that calls itself entertainment these days).

So, I will change my perspective. Losing the cable was a good thing. We will now be more focused and keep our eyes on the prize; the animal sanctuary.

Another thing hubby brought up is; what are the chances of us moving ten hours away and finding a place next door to people who are living the lifestyle we want? Of all the places to rent, we got this one.

That’s something else to contemplate…




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