I think I was an ant queen in a past life because just about every home I’ve lived in attracts ants…actually the problem began when hubby moved in so maybe he was an ant king. Is there such a thing? I guess he could have been a queen. Nobody says we have to be the same gender every time we incarnate. Anyway, back to my story…

Once again ants are coming inside our home in the woods, only this time there are a variety: sugar ants, carpenter ants (they wear tool belts and I can hear them hammering inside the wood frame), Pharoah ants (they wear fancy headgear) and red ants (luckily they still like hanging around outdoors).

My usual way of dealing with ants who come inside is to capture them in a plastic cup and put them back outside. (Hubby says that’s why they come in; the worst that can happen is they are relocated). Then I figure out where they come in and tape up the spot which is usually a tiny crack in the floor molding.

This time they’re coming in from the wall sockets in the kitchen, the window frames and ceiling light fixture in the back bedroom. There are too many to throw outside! I did put peppermint essential oil around the kitchen baseboard (they hate the smell) and taped two of the wall sockets…so for now they aren’t in the house, but yesterday I found how they’re getting in. They are crawling in a vent. There were a lot of them going back and forth, so I decided I had to do something more.

I researched ant bait and found several people who swear it worked for them. I had mixed feelings about this though. Ants are sentient beings and they are just living their lives… and looking for food. I hate killing anything and I didn’t like the thought of killing all those ants, but whats a girl to do?

So I bought ant bait and placed it in the middle of their trail… nothing happened. The ants never took the bait (pun intended) and simply walked around the traps… I might as well have thrown my $5 out the window (that’s what I paid for the bait). Now what?

There’s a feed store 60 seconds from my house so I drove there. I never went there before but I figured they would have kinds of things including bug stuff. The first thing I noticed when I went inside was all the hay; as in horse hay. There were rows and rows; then chicken feed, dog food and then I saw the owner. I told him about the ants and he said, “I don’t sell poison. Use salt. Or you can try this stuff it has cedar oil in it. It kills and repels ants, mosquitos, fleas, ticks… you name it and it won’t harm you or your pets.” I was impressed so I bought a trial size bottle.

Bottom line. It works! and it’s not poison! I looked outside today and no ants. I looked up cedar oil on YouTube and sure enough it’s been used as bug repellent for a million years. In the future I’ll buy a bottle of cedar essential oil, mix it with water and save money. You can spray it on your pooches too (like their back area) to repel fleas and ticks. We have lots of mosquitos that come out at dusk so I plan to spray myself when I go out tonight.


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