Learning to Go With the Flow


Last Sunday, hubby and I went for a drive. We stopped at a local country store that advertised home-baked pies. Apple pie is one of my favorites and buying a home-baked one instead of one from a store sounded like a treat. As I walked to the front door,  I noticed a huge pile of fire wood sitting outside. I mentioned the wood to the clerk behind the counter and he said. “I already sold most of it. People are getting ready for the big snow storm.” “Snow storm?” I asked. “You mean in the Sierras?”
“No, around here. Snow levels will get down to 2500 feet by Thursday. Last year there was so much snow, I couldn’t open the store.”

I felt panic starting to take over me. (I’m a “flatlander” and the only snow I experienced was on television). The next thing I new I was back in the car, telling hubby we needed to buy chains and if it snowed, he was staying home from work and if it started snowing while he was at work, he should stay with his sister.

In other words, I was in full blown panic mode.

By the time we got back home (minus an apple pie) we had a plan. Our neighbor, Frank, sold us his used snow chains for 40 dollars and showed hubby how to put them on. “I know its supposed to rain by the end of the week but I don’t think it will be cold enough to snow down here, maybe up the mountain around 4000 feet” said Frank. It didn’t matter that Frank lived all his life in these mountains and probably knew better than any weather forecaster if it would snow or not. I didn’t want to take any chances.

Then I fretted how I would take the dogs outside to pee. They are both Southern California dogs. If they see its raining, they refuse to go outside. How would I convince them to walk on a frozen ground?

I worried about hubby driving the icy roads. It never dawned on me that they would be plowed. We do live next to a major highway that goes through the Sierras and of course the county is prepared to make life easier so people can get to work or school or buy a home-baked pie. Life does not stop because of a little snow.

Finally, when I was in bed focusing on my breath, hoping to fall into a peaceful sleep, it occurred to me, I have no control over the weather. I can choose to continue worrying about something that may or may not happen in four days or I can go-with-the-flow.  Weather like everything else in life is impermanent. If it does snow it will eventually stop. For now, I needed to get back to my center. Focusing on my breath would help me get there.

“Stay at the centre and let all things take their course.“—Lao Tzu

I began telling myself, It will be pretty watching snowflakes; Maybe I can throw a snowball; This could be a fun adventure. I also realized, if we did wake up to snow, our driveway is over 100 feet long and it would take all morning to shovel it. Hubby would miss work and spend his day with us.

I had allowed my imagination to get the best of me, something I tend to do when I think I’m about to experience something new.

Today is Thursday and it barely even rained. Its even warmer than predicted. The big storm that was supposed to hit here went further north and dumped snow somewhere else. How silly I was to waste even a minute worrying about something that could or could not happen. Next time I will live in the moment. I will enjoy the experience of going for a drive and hopefully the taste of a home-baked apple pie that I bought from a country store.




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