My Perfect Christmas is Lots of “Me Time”


Tomorrow I am going to a family Christmas party. I would prefer to stay home in my jammies drinking hot cocoa or coffee, watching Netflix with my fur babies, but I can’t, its my hubby’s family. He is excited about going so somehow I will have to put on my party face and at least act like I enjoy being there. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with his family. They are a nice group of people. It’s just that I’m an introvert and the thought of making small talk with people I barely know… If you’re an introvert, you know what I mean.

Hubby’s sister is a classic extrovert. She loves entertaining and Christmas is her favorite holiday. She goes all out in the decorating and outdoor Christmas lights department. Santa will even stop by bringing gifts for her grandkids. Maybe if I had grandkids I would make more of an effort to get in to the “holiday spirit.” I do think Christmas is for kids. They definitely appreciate the festivities, especially ripping open their presents.

When I was young, I liked Christmas, except those times my mother got drunk and started a huge fight with my dad because he didn’t get her a more expensive gift. When I became a mom, I celebrated Christmas. I wanted my son to have good memories but I also wasn’t about to go in to debt buying over priced toys. I don’t know how or why people do that today. Toys are now electronic gadgets that can cost up to a weeks worth of pay. How crazy is that? Christmas is too commercialized and if you don’t participate, you’re called a Scrooge. I don’t like feeling pressured to do anything and I definitely don’t follow the crowd. That’s another reason I prefer to stay home. I don’t have to explain myself.

Luckily, my son understands and appreciates having one less obligation. (There is only so much time in the day and trying to please everyone is exhausting). He spends Christmas with his dad and stepmom and their family. We see each other throughout the year and give gifts when we feel like it. Not spending time together in December is no big deal.

So tomorrow I will go to the party. I will practice being present. I will listen and observe what’s going on around me. And I will be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

If you’re an introvert and are looking for ideas to survive the holidays, this article has some good tips.






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