A Winter Storm in the Foothills of the Sierra


We lost power around 5 am and it was so dark inside my house, I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. Of course being from the “city” we weren’t prepared. So hubby and I went back to sleep until daylight and then we used are “one” flashlight to get around the house and feed the critters and ourselves. Then we went in to town and noticed… no lights on any of the stores. About half way though the lights were on so we went to the hardware store that just opened. We bought supplies…batteries, 2 small battery powered lamps and another LED flashlight. By now others were coming in…many were from up the mountain getting supplies.

Next we went to the local market where Thank the Goddess!!! They sold freshly made coffee! There was a line to get some. I guess I’m not the only one addicted to my mourning cup of Joe. One guy drove 15 miles down the mountain to get his coffee. We also bought more bottled water and some food from the deli counter .

It was now after 10 am and there was a steady stream of cars coming down the mountain…my guess they were needin’ their coffee fix too. We went back home and settled in. Our propane stove worked so we had heat, food, lights and water… all the luxuries I take for granted. The guy at the hardware store said we could be without power for days. It was a good lesson about “going with the flow.” We had plenty of books and magazines and if I felt like it, I could just watch the storm move through, like hubby. He enjoys watching the rain. I could also have thought about how Buddha said, “Weather is like our thoughts, always changing but the sky always stay the same,” which I think he means the sky is our mind, or something like that. Either way I knew the storm would end and we would eventually have our power restored.

I could also have thought about our interconnectedness. Somebody had to go out in that weather and turn the “lights” back on. I could definitely focus on my appreciation for having electricity so I can live a comfortable life.

The wind had been howling for hours and we waited for the coming down pour of rain… and then 1:30 pm the lights came on. (That’s how I’m able to type this). I’m grateful that hubby was off work today, otherwise I could have encountered problems, but I won’t think about that. I will buy a Coleman stove to cook on and a battery powered or wind up clock for future use.

Living in the country is an adventure and I’m still happy we made the move.




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