Let it Snow…

This morning it snowed. Its happened a couple of times this month, so I wasn’t surprised, except this time it stuck to the asphalt. It snowed heavily for a few hours and I’m guessing when it was done we had about three inches.

I’m not a snow person. I don’t much like cold weather either but since hubby had the day off and we didn’t have to go anywhere,  I decided to enjoy it.

Its been raining most of this month and I’m getting tired of it. Living in Southern California for eight years spoiled me. It hardly ever rains there and when it does its a warm rain. The rain here is cold. Did I mention I don’t like cold weather?

Fortunately, starting tomorrow, we get a break from the wet weather and can dry out. My doggies will be happy about that. They have been cooped up indoors for days because it’s too wet and cold for them to be outside. For at least the next week, they will go on walks again. I’m happy about that too. I need the exercise.

These pictures and video were taken this morning.










2 thoughts on “Let it Snow…

  1. As a Minnesotan, this doesn’t look like much snow to me! But I’m glad you found something to delight you in the deer tracks and the way the snow outlines the trees. It is a beautiful thing. I like winter! I was in California recently (San Diego area) and it was pretty nice, too, but I would miss snow if I lived where it never or almost never happened.


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