The Yin of Winter



For the last couple of months I’ve been feeling lazy. I want to stay in my pajamas and read, watch Netflix and just “hang out” with my fur babies. Its cold here. Much colder than I’m used to and that could be why I feel this way. I want to stay inside and make a blanket fort for me and my critters. I feel like cocooning. The grey skies make me sleepy.

I used to live in a climate similar to this years ago when I lived in Chico, California, but when I moved to Southern California, I quickly acclimated to the warmer weather. I can honestly say, I’m a warm weather girl. My body can do heat. I never tire of the sunshine. In fact there are only two seasons in Southern California: Nice and Nicer. I don’t recall feely lazy during the winter months probably because it rarely gets colder than the low 50s and the sun is shining 90% of the year.

The Sierra foothills has four seasons, although to be honest, it barely snows. It’s not even close to winters in the Midwest. But for this gal its cold.

I do like living here. I enjoy walking among the huge pine trees. I like the slower pace of life. It feels more comfortable than the crazy pace of a large city. I would never go back.

Yet I also feel guilty. I should be doing not being. I feel I’m wasting the days away when I could be getting things done: writing, blogging, networking for a new place to live to have our animal sanctuary.

And then… I remembered a friend saying she didn’t start new projects during winter months… it was her time to get in touch with her yin. I didn’t think much about her comment until now, so I looked up yin and winter to see if there is a connection and sure enough, there is.

I found the answer on the website  “Tree of Q“:

The end of the year 2016 is fast approaching.

One thing I have heard from many of my patients especially over the last month is how tired and drained they feel. From what I can see, this year brought many challenges personally as well as nationally and globally.

Winter is a good time for deep introspection, to discover the layers of personal and global tension that we might have internalized and to do some deep healing to release this tension layer by layer.

For some these layers are felt in their dreams: this is a safe time for us to feel and explore our inner lives with the least amount of interference from our waking mind. Consider starting a dream journal to start making you aware of the material that arises as night.

The most challenging part in dealing with the darker seasons in life is often the first step: To start slowing down and to start feeling. There’s something that happens when we pay attention to our inner lives with a loving and clear intention to heal – there’s movemen

Turns out, I’m not lazy, instead I’m getting in tune with my body and the rhythm of nature. My body is recharging. Its resting and I will honor that. Most of my life has been about doing. Even when I was a waitress, I was on the go as soon as I clocked in. The job required me to be good at multi-tasking. On my days off, there was always something that needed to be done: laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping. There was hardly anytime to just “be.”

Now that I live in a rural area, I’m not close to stores. I go shopping once a week. My outings are planned. When I lived in Southern California, I hopped in my car and drove to where ever. Things were closer. I felt busier… and more stressed. Maybe I was picking up the hectic energy of others who felt the need to stay busy as well.

The birds around here are more quiet in winter. I don’t hear much chirping. The squirrels don’t stop by as often either. Maybe they too are experiencing the yin of winter. Maybe they are relaxing and resting. Spring will be here before we know it and the warm weather will stimulate us to feel more active. When it comes, I will definitely appreciate it more.

Until then… I will focus on being, whether that means meditating, napping, looking out the window or watching Netflix.


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