Cabin Fever


(This is the entrance to our shared driveway. Those puddles are about a foot deep).

Its been raining since Monday and I am missing being outdoors. The vegetation and roads around my house that I usually go for walks on are soaked, muddy and flooded. Going outside is not feasible for me since I use a walker to get around. The least that could happen are the tires on the walker get all muddy, the worst is I slip and fall down and wait in the pouring rain for someone to come along and find me. Neither sounds good to me, so I stay inside with my dogs who also want to go for a walk and we look out the window.

How do people live in Seattle or Oregon?  I hear it rains in those places much more than California.

I know they get used to it. They must get tired of it though. Right?

And what about the birds? Where do the birds go when it rains? I don’t hear them chirping. Do they still eat or must they wait for a break in the rain to go out and forage for food? I did see a squirrel last week when it stopped raining for a few hours, digging up an acorn he buried next to one of the trees in my backyard.

To make myself feel better, I light scented candles. Vanilla is my favorite. I also burn incense and turn on the fairy lights. I meditate and tell myself my home feels warm and cozy. Netfilx is my friend.

When spring finally with dry weather, you can bet I will appreciate the hell out of it. I will no longer take warm dry weather for granted like I did when I lived in Southern California.





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