Spring is Finally (Unofficially) Here!

photo credit: amadorgold.net

Spring is finally here! And no one is happier about it than me! I am a warm weather girl. If the temperature drops below 65 degrees, I’m freezing. Living in Southern California for the past nine years spoiled me. The daily weather report was pretty much the same… nice.

Then we moved to the Sierra Foothills last April. I was loving the change of scenery; trees, wildlife, almost zero traffic, peace and quiet…then December rolled around. What came next was; power outages, snow (okay not a lot compared to the midwest, but it was cold anyway), rain, rain, and more rain, and did I mention freezing cold temperatures?

I’ve lived in cold climates before; San Francisco and Northern California but we had heat indoors. It was always at least 68 degrees in my house. We had electric and radiator heat.

Then we rented a house here. No one told us our heat would come from propane… and that the house has almost no insulation. Propane has got to be one of the most expensive, inefficient ways to get energy. I don’t know how people pay those heating bills every month and some use propane for everything! Yikes!

To keep our costs down we kept the thermostat at 60 degrees. And our bill is till too high for me. I never had to wear a hat and winter robe indoors before living here, but if I wanted to stay fairly warm that’s what I did.

The past couple of days I didn’t need to and I am sooooo grateful!
I’m also feeling more energetic. Along with warm weather, I really like the sun. I don’t get depressed during Winter but I do feel lazy. I have no motivation. I wrote about it in an earlier post and called it Yin. To be honest I think I told myself that I was getting in touch with my Yin so I didn’t have to admit I was just lazy. It doesn’t really matter right now because I feel better now and isn’t that what I should (I hate that word and need to think of a better one) be happy about? I’m living in the now and living in the now or present moment is what it’s all about.




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