Women’s History Month: Julia “Butterfly” Hill

It’s halfway through March, Women’s History Month and I just finished re-reading, Julia Butterfly Hill’s book, “The Legacy of Luna.” In case you don’t know who she is: Julia Lorraine Hill is an American environmental activist and tax redirection advocate. She is best known for having lived in a 180-foot-tall, roughly 1500-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days.

There are many famous women who I admire but Julia is the strongest most compassionate woman I know of. And she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She faced more problems living in that redwood tree, named Luna, than most of us (men and women) will ever endure in our whole life time.

How many of you are willing to give up over two years of your life living in a tree dealing with: snow, wind, heat, rain, freezing temperatures, no plumbing, no warm bed, living with wild critters and insects and being threatened by logging companies on a daily basis? (I thought I had it rough living in a house that never got warmer than sixty degrees this past winter.) I know I couldn’t do what she did, but she did and she did it because she felt it was the right thing to do. She stood up for trees and nature and was willing to do what ever it took … and eventually won!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves nature. Julia has an active Face Book page.




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