Our Move is Postponed

Things have changed since my last post from about two weeks ago. We were moving into a thirty foot travel trailer on a farm sanctuary. The owner of the sanctuary, John was buying a used trailer specifically for us to live in, but when we went to look at it, we (actually I) smelled and found black mold inside the cabinets. Bummer.

Of course me being who I am, I rented a storage unit to put all our stuff in and started boxing things up at the house, before we looked at the trailer. As far as I know we’re still moving but we don’t know when. There aren’t a lot of travel trailers for sale in our county right now, probably because people are using them for vacations. LOL.

We need a regular thirty foot trailer, not a fifth wheel, which seems to be the popular ones for sale. I cannot do steps and fifth wheels have three steps inside. I have balance issues and going down any steps are impossible. I would have to crawl up and down them and that isn’t appealing to me. Four dogs and four cats will live with us and I know they will do some running inside. All I need is to trip and fall.

I also noticed when we looked at the trailer how small thirty feet is. I mean, real small. I thought I could bring a bookshelf, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I am bringing my Buddhas though. I need a reminder to stay grounded and looking at them helps.

So, for now we are still in a house. But instead of being disappointed, I will focus on gratitude for what I do have; a home, clean drinking water, a fridge, a stove, etc. Not everyone has these luxuries. I am also grateful for my “blood hound” sense of smell. John looked at the trailer before us and he didn’t smell mold and the person selling the trailer never mentioned it. John told us, he was going to buy it on the spot because it was so cheap. So glad he didn’t and I’m sure he is too.





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