So Where’s the Chaplain?

I was talking with hubby today about my recent hospital stay and how their chaplain never came to visit me. Not that I needed one but when I was in UC Irvine 9 years ago, their chaplain showed up within 24 hours. This was hubby’s response:

Back then we thought you were croaking. From a medical standpoint you were not gonna make it, so the chaplain visited daily… But then your doctors came up with a plan. You latched onto it and you had James bring you a Burger King crown which you wore on your head as they wheeled you into the surgical prep room. Just before you turned the corner, you put both arms up like a boxer who just won his match and yelled, ” I’m gonna beat this!” So, you staying in the hospital a few days with a fractured hip is no big deal. They probably figured if you wanted a chaplain, you would ask.

I barely remember that Burger King crown incident, but I do know I wore it a lot. One doctor asked if it was my birthday. I don’t recall my answer but he scribbled something in his notepad. Probably reminding himself to see if my pain meds needed to be decreased. LOL




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