Living Among the Majestic Sequoia Trees

One of the things I do enjoy about living in a forest are all the beautiful old Redwood and Sequoia trees.  Many of them are at least fifty to one hundred years old. When we first moved here I would imagine what life was like when they were young. It was during the gold rush, so they probably witnessed some interesting things. People and animals come and go but trees stay put. I still thank them for providing shade from the hot summer sun and giving the critters like the squirrels a place to play. I know the birds appreciate having a branch to build their nests. This past spring a spider made its home in the trunk of the Sequoia living at the end of my driveway for a while.

Last Friday two Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) employees were in my area. They were looking trees that were too close to power lines and marking them with an X. Four Sequoias on the property where I rent will be cut down within a few months. These majestic trees are at least one hundred years old. I feel so sad knowing this. I understand why this has to be done but it doesn’t make me feel any better. Now I make it a point to tell these beauties how much I love them everytime I am outside.

Hopefully we will have moved before the cutting begins. It would be too sad to watch.




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