Thanksgiving was never an important holiday to me. When I was a kid we always went to my Aunt Sue’s house. That was the only day besides Christmas that I spent playing with my cousins. I always ate dinner at the “kids’ table,” until I became a teenager. For some reason I thought graduating to eat with the adults would be fun. It wasn’t. Adult conversations seemed boring to me. Christmas was the same except we got presents. That was better.

For most of my adult life I worked in restaurants. If the restaurant was open Thanksgiving, I always volunteered to work. People tip better when you work on a holiday.

When my son was young and I was married, we went to my mother-in-laws home. I got to sit with the adults and as a bonus, I got to help cook and cleanup while the men watched football. Oh boy!  After my divorce, I vowed to either work that day or stay home and relax. My son had to go with his dad to his grandmas house. He didn’t seem to mind.

My son is now grown and spends Thanksgiving with his dad and his new wife (actually she isn’t new. They have been married twenty years) and her adult kids. I am remarried and my hubby doesn’t get excited about Thanksgiving either.  So today we are staying home with our furbabies. We are eating soy chicken and fried potatoes for dinner. No turkey in this house. I’m vegan. We’ll probably watch a movie on Netflix later.

This particular holiday seems weird to me because why do we give thanks one day a year, officially I mean? Isn’t it better to be grateful every day or at least most days? No matter how shitty life can get there’s always something to be grateful for.  And our situations, seemingly good or bad are always changing. Nothing stays permanent and usually things do  get better. That alone is something to be grateful for.

Whatever you choose to do today, I hope you are enjoying the day and not doing whatever it is to make someone else happy. Life is too short to do anything you don’t want to do because society expects it. Traditions are good but only if they make sense to you. You can always start a new tradition. If you do end up at a family dinner, maybe you can sit at the kids’ table. That would blow your adult family members minds!






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