My Monkey Mind Has a Mind of its Own!

Taming my monkey mind is a continuous daily, even hourly practice. Every night before I got to sleep I tell myself that I will wake up the next morning and take care of my “spiritual self.” I live with four cats and two dogs, so they take priority; feeding and morning tinkling, along with me doing the same. I can do all that within the first hour for sure.

My next goal is to meditate for at least fifteen minutes, then listen to positive, motivational videos for the next hour. That sounds pretty straightforward, even simple. Right? Well, it is except for my monkey mind who is curious, no, nosy to see what’s happening in the outside world. A world where I am very limited to control. You see, I am a recovering news junkie. I even wrote for an online political blog a few years ago. A blog I stopped writing for because it was robbing me of my precious time to do other things like work on my spiritual, mental and physical health.

I am doing better but I can be so much more. My monkey mind thinks this is funny. This morning went OK, so I give myself credit for that, but even during my quiet meditation, thoughts about current events kept popping in my mind. I had the urge to get my news fix right after the meditation. My monkey mind tried to convince me that reading just one political tweet before l listened to motivational videos couldn’t hurt. Well, it’s like eating potato chips, there can’t be just one. Damn you Twitter!

Although, today, I did it! I made it through two hours before I had to see what is going on. I don’t know how people who attend retreats keep from tearing their hair out. They isolate themselves from the outside world for at least two days. I bow to their dedication. All I’m asking for is a couple hours in the morning and I have trouble with that.



(Photo credit: I found it on the Internet. I have no idea whose it is.)


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