Winter Storm Watch January 2019

I’m hanging around the house waiting for the first “severe winter storm” of the new year, at least that’s what the local weather service says is coming.  Even PG&E posted a warning for all those in the storm’s path to prepare for power outages. The main concern is high winds.

This is our third winter in the Sierra Foothills and each winter we lost power at least twice but luckily not longer than eight hours. My house is electric including the pump that brings water from the well into the house. No power means no lights, no cooking, no Internet, no water, NO HEAT. We are really off grid when it happens and being a spoiled city girl, I don’t like it. I really don’t like it when it gets nightfall because there is zero visibility indoors and out. I admit I am afraid of the dark. I do have flashlights and battery powered small lanterns close by if I need them. Hubby is at work right now but will be home by 7:30 p.m.

I have been looking online for butane cook stoves. If the power goes out I can still cook, so that’s a good thing. There are a couple I like on Amazon and will probably buy one this month, or at least I tell myself I will. For now I will go about about my day and hope for the best. I can’t control Mother Nature but I can control my anxiety.

Look at Annie. She doesn’t seem concerned about anything.Namaste,



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