A Weekend of Self Care Retreat

Last night I decided before I went to sleep that I would spend this weekend taking care of my mental, spiritual and physical self. I will focus only on positive, nourishing things.

A few days ago I found a few blogs that interested me and plan to read some of their posts: Loner WolfSivana Spirit, and Dwell in Magic.

These are the videos I plan to watch. I listened to the first one last night before going to sleep. That’s how I got the idea for this retreat.

I started my day with this one while I fed the fur babies and myself:

I listened to these throughout the day:

I almost forgot, I meditated for 17 minutes listening to this:

Last week I started the video book, The Untethered Soul, and will finish it this weekend. The book was mentioned three times by people on different social media sites in one afternoon, so I figured the Universe was telling me to read the book. Lucky for me, a woman made a video of herself reading it.

And last but not least, I found a good vegan website that looks like it has yummy, easy recipes: Pick Up Limes

Have a great weekend!





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