It’s been raining some much in the Sierra Foothills lately I was getting “cabin fever.” Yesterday there was a break in the rain, so hubby and I got in the car and drove to explore an area a couple miles from our home. There are so many wonderful properties here.




A flock of wild turkeys were enjoying the dry weather too.







Checking Out the Neighborhood

Hubby and I went for a walk last Sunday to see what’s around our new neighborhood and I took my camera along. I took these on a neighbor’s property next door to us who was kind enough to allow us to walk around whenever we want. He doesn’t live there but stops by regularly. I’m not sure who put the old vehicles and other junk there, but they looked interesting to me.

sunday hike 043

sunday hike 013

sunday hike 016

sunday hike 026

sunday hike 036

sunday hike 040

sunday hike 046



Bird Watching

Last Sunday a friend of mine invited me to hear his band play. It was an outdoor event and since the weather has been lovely, I decided to go. It was also Valentine’s Day. The traffic was unbelievable and the closer I got to the venue, the more congested it got. What I didn’t realize was his event was next door to the Long Beach Aquarium and The Queen Mary. That’s why there were so many vehicles.

For those of you who don’t know, I need a walker to get around when I’m out in public. I have this balance issue and fall easily. Its easier for me to find parking close by when I’m alone, otherwise, even with the walker, I can get myself in a jam.

The closest parking lots were full. That meant walking in from a couple blocks away. I don’t enjoy being around a lot of people (I’m an introvert) so I decided to go back home.

On the drive back I saw a park to the right of me. I never drive on this street so I never knew it was there.

birds more birds 061

A few feet back from the sign I saw birds flying around a large pond. There must have been hundreds of them. One of my favorite things to do is bird watch, so I quickly turned into the parking lot. My camera was with me because I planned to take pictures of my friend’s band but since that didn’t work out, I could take photos of birds, another favorite thing for me to do.

This guy was the first to greet me as I stepped out of my car.
birds more birds 002

birds more birds 004

birds more birds 008

birds more birds 006

birds more birds 010

birds more birds 020

birds more birds 049

birds more birds 038


Look at this interesting one. I’ve never seen a bird with a white polka dot tail. Does anyone know what it is?
birds more birds 052


I think this was the Zen section.

birds more birds 007

birds more birds 028

birds more birds 043


Birds and more birds. They all seemed to get along. Wouldn’t it be nice if we humans could do that?

birds more birds 016

birds more birds 037

This beauty said “good-bye” to me as I walked to my car.
birds more birds 059


I don’t know what it is, but I feel “at home” when I’m around all that bird “energy.”


On the drive home I got to thinking about living in the present moment. For the most part, I’m in a constant struggle to do just that, except when I watch birds and when I take photographs, then I am completely in the Now.