The Kitten and the Fly ~ A Zen Parable

monk and kittens

A young student approached the master who was seated in the garden and asked “Master, no matter how hard I try I just can’t achieve mindfulness.“

The master said nothing but pointed to a corner of the garden where a kitten was attempting to capture a fly. …

The kitten lunged, gasped and stalked the fly. Yet for all of her efforts , the fly stayed just out of her reach.

Finally the kitten wore herself out and curled up in a ball at the master’s feet.

The fly, promptly landed, of its own accord, right on the tip of the sleeping kitten’s nose.

The young student, seeing this, understood.



Enlightenment ~ Jun Po Roshi




“Enlightenment does not mean that your ego is suppressed or denied. It does mean it is deconstructed, seen through, exposed, and then reeducated and reconstructed, including the realization and precisely articulated understanding of these deeper truths.”
— Jun Po Roshi