Relaxing Zen Video for Meditation

I don’t do the full three hours at one time. Fifteen minutes is good for my daily meditation needs. I like the bell that goes off every thirty seconds. It reminds me to stay focused, in case my monkey mind wanders off.




Wind Chimes

I’m always looking for videos to meditate to or to play in the background when I’m home. My goal is to keep my environment stress free, although sometimes “shit happens” and I have to get out the old smudge stick and start over.

One of the sounds I enjoy are wind chimes. I found this video today on You Tube. It’s better than most of the wind chime videos because it isn’t made in a studio.






“How to Live in Your Truth” Ying Yang Living Video

I’ve been sick in bed the last couple days (nothing terrible, justĀ a head cold but I decided to lay low) and watched tons of wonderful videos. This one really resonated with me.