Noah Levine on Buddhism

A friend turned me onto this guy’s Buddhist teachings. I never heard of Noah Levine before and I thought Dharma Punx was the name of a punk rock band. It happens to be the name of a book written by the guy whose in the video. I will be watching more dharma talks by Noah and I plan to buy his book. If you’re new to Buddhism and/or meditation, or have been practicing for years, you may enjoy this dharma talk. What I like about him is, he’s an ordinary guy facing the same day-to-day issues of being human that we all do.



Wind Chimes

I’m always looking for videos to meditate to or to play in the background when I’m home. My goal is to keep my environment stress free, although sometimes “shit happens” and I have to get out the old smudge stick and start over.

One of the sounds I enjoy are wind chimes. I found this video today on You Tube. It’s better than most of the wind chime videos because it isn’t made in a studio.