Our Move is Postponed

Things have changed since my last post from about two weeks ago. We were moving into a thirty foot travel trailer on a farm sanctuary. The owner of the sanctuary, John was buying a used trailer specifically for us to live in, but when we went to look at it, we (actually I) smelled and found black mold inside the cabinets. Bummer.

Of course me being who I am, I rented a storage unit to put all our stuff in and started boxing things up at the house, before we looked at the trailer. As far as I know we’re still moving but we don’t know when. There aren’t a lot of travel trailers for sale in our county right now, probably because people are using them for vacations. LOL.

We need a regular thirty foot trailer, not a fifth wheel, which seems to be the popular ones for sale. I cannot do steps and fifth wheels have three steps inside. I have balance issues and going down any steps are impossible. I would have to crawl up and down them and that isn’t appealing to me. Four dogs and four cats will live with us and I know they will do some running inside. All I need is to trip and fall.

I also noticed when we looked at the trailer how small thirty feet is. I mean, real small. I thought I could bring a bookshelf, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I am bringing my Buddhas though. I need a reminder to stay grounded and looking at them helps.

So, for now we are still in a house. But instead of being disappointed, I will focus on gratitude for what I do have; a home, clean drinking water, a fridge, a stove, etc. Not everyone has these luxuries. I am also grateful for my “blood hound” sense of smell. John looked at the trailer before us and he didn’t smell mold and the person selling the trailer never mentioned it. John told us, he was going to buy it on the spot because it was so cheap. So glad he didn’t and I’m sure he is too.





We’re Moving to a Farm Sanctuary!

We are moving to a farm sanctuary. Hubby and I have wanted our own animal (senior and disabled dogs and cats) sanctuary for years now. This move is taking us in the right direction. We’ve lived in this rural area a little over two years and found, or rather they found us through word-of-mouth. My life will change (once again) and I’ve learned to go-with-the-flow.

The major change is, we will move from an 1100 foot square house into a 30 foot travel trailer. Our four dogs and four cats will live with us. 99% of our stuff is going into a storage unit. Two roosters along with their chickie babes live one hundred feet away (Good morning everyone!).

We are moving to this sanctuary as caretakers so the owners can do some traveling. We will live rent free. I haven’t lived anywhere for free since I left my parents house, so we will be able to pay off our credit card bills (which are really medical bills) within a year. YAY!!!

I am excited about this…and at the same time…feeling a bit weird…that’s not really the word I’m looking for but it will have to do for now.

I wrote earlier that we live in a conservative area. The sanctuary is about as rural as you can get. It is surrounded by ranches. I’m a Buddhist-Hippie-Bohemian. My home expresses it  My clothing expresses it and (I hope) my vibe expresses it. The day we met the sanctuary owners, I dressed in my usual hippie outfit. Hubby thought I could have worn something more like an outfit I’d wear to a job interview. More conservative. Nope. Not me. What you see is what you get. I’m not one for hiding who I am.

The good thing is Mary and John (I made up their names) are from the Bay Area. They are used to diversity. That’s a plus in my column. I plan to meditate on this more because me just wondering about me being different is my “stuff,” and clearly I haven’t gotten over that. It is my perception of how others perceive me, which is none of my business…so my Buddhas,  my crystals, my spiritual-Buddhist life will start a new chapter on this adventure called life.




Life Through a Puppy’s Eyes

December 22nd, 2016, someone dropped this cutie outside a car (on purpose) in a Wal-Mart parking lot. This little guy’s guardian angel must have been watching over him because right behind that car was a veterinarian in her car who watched the whole thing happen. She quickly got out of her car and picked up the puppy (that turned out to be six weeks old) and drove to her friend, another vet and had him checked out. The puppy was healthy but the vets agreed he should stay at the hospital over the holiday. The staff fell in love with the puppy and named him Otis.

My hubby works at that vet hospital and offered to foster Otis until he found a new home.  Within two days we knew Otis would become part of our pack. I hadn’t had a puppy in over twenty years. There was a lot of things I needed to relearn about caring for a baby, not to mention cleaning up accidents (piddling on the floor).

Otis has been a real gift to me from the cosmos. He teaches me to enjoy the moment and be in awe of the world. I remember when he was a few months old. He was excited to see insects, birds, leaves falling to the ground. Everyday was and still is an adventure. Otis is a year and half now and he still loves to play and wrestle. He reminds me to have fun!

I will never understand what goes through a person’s mind to throw away a sentient being, but I am grateful that person chose to do it at exactly the same time, another person was kind enough to intervene and rescue this beautiful baby. Otis never knew he might be in danger. He probably thought it was another adventure. I am so happy we are experiencing the same adventure together,



A Dog and Cat Sanctuary

Hubby and I left Southern California two years ago. A few months before we moved I got this inspiration, intuitive message, whatever you want to call it, that we were moving by March 2016. We had lived in Southern California for eight years and we liked it. We never talked about moving. We were thirty minutes from the beach, which also had a dog beach. Our doggies loved going there. There were also several Buddhist temples and a Krishna temple that I visited quite often. But we also had this dream, long before we moved down south from the Bay Area, of having a senior dog and cat sanctuary. We had no idea how to make the dream become a reality so when I got the inspiration we were moving, we figured our sanctuary would happen when we moved to a rural area in Central California.

Two years later I am sitting here thinking out loud, or rather typing out loud. I consider myself a practicing Buddhist… and a Bohemian. I was never one for following rules created by society. I find those rules not only confining but just plain boring. What’s the fun being just like everyone else? This morning during meditation another inspiring thought popped in to my head. What if we found a property the size of a small farm (or maybe even a real farm) where we could have a commune type living space; where a few artists, musicians, healers, and of course our animal sanctuary could live? People could live in RVs, or yurts and we would live as much off grid as possible. We would use solar energy for sure.

I haven’t fleshed out the details because there’s a lot to consider and if I think about that part too much I might talk myself out of it. Before we left So-Cal, I didn’t think about the details either. I just knew we were moving. Everything fell naturally in to place. Hubby got a job quickly and we moved in to our rental home by late March. The Universe brought all the matching components together at the right time and it benefited everyone involved. (By the way, all our moves happened this way. We met the right people at the right time and boom! it happened).

So by typing this and putting my intention out there, I am hoping the Universe works it magic again.


Reincarnation: What Are My Options?


Lately I have been thinking about reincarnation (probably because I turn sixty-three this year). Buddhists believe in reincarnation as well as many other religious groups… and I pretty much believe it, although I can’t say I believe 100% because I’m not dead. I’m not arguing if  reincarnation is true or not. I’m not even giving that part any thought, but what I do think about is this; What if I get reborn into another fucked up family? I barely made it through seventeen years in this lifetime. Why would I want to go through that again or maybe something worse? Seventeen years are a loooong time to put up with crazy people, two people for sure who had no business having kids. I have a younger brother, eight years my junior. He had it pretty good until I ran away when I turned seventeen. Then he got the brunt of their fuckedupness. I lost touch with him years ago so I have no idea how he turned out (as an adult that is). As for my parents (and I use that term loosely) I don’t speak to them either for reasons I already mentioned. I am happy with my decision of cutting ties with those people and I think I turned out to be a pretty good human being. In fact, I never gave it much thought until I became a Buddhist or at least practice Buddhist teachings.

I was never formally admitted nor do I belong to a Sangha… at least for now. I was never a “joiner.”  I’m not good at following rules when it comes to groups or showing up consistently at a certain place and time. I am definitely not orthodox in my beliefs, that’s why I consider myself a Bohemian Buddhist.

But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about reincarnation. I have questions and lot’s of them: Do I really want to reincarnate? Do I have a say in the matter? Is their someone in the afterlife I can discuss this with? Can I find out what my options are before I decide to stay or go back? There will probably be more questions I haven’t thought of. But for now these keep my brain busy. (So much for practicing living in the moment. LOL).

Do you think about stuff like this? Or am I just plain weird?



My Blog is Moving to My Face Book Page

I’m moving my blog to my Face Book page. If you want to read any updates, you will find them there. It got to hard trying to keep up with all my social media sites and I felt stressed updating all of them.

It’s hard enough keeping up with all the meditating and practicing kindness. Living a Buddha life these days is hard enough without me adding extra stress to my day. LOL!

See you over here!



Living Without Television


The reason we moved to a rural area is to get away from the “rat race” of living in a metropolitan city. If you ever sat in traffic on any of the Southern California freeways, you know what I mean. Even when we were home there was constant noise; daily fireworks from Disneyland which was five miles away; fireworks from neighbors who had nothing else to spend their time and money on; the sound of police helicopters hovering overhead, looking for God-knows-who…and on and on.

Hubby and I have wanted to own a small farm and animal sanctuary for years now and we aren’t getting any younger…so we made the move this year. Everything fell into place; the Gods were on our side.  We aren’t living on a farm but we are in an unincorporated town. We are surrounded by 80-100 foot tall pine trees. Our neighbor has a property with some farm animals. I met their miniature horse and turkeys when I walked to their fence.

Hubby and I are from the city. I never lived in the country. He lived and worked on a dairy farm thirty years ago. Before we moved, I watched videos about living off grid. I wanted that. We wanted to be of service and leave the smallest footprint on Mother Earth. Living off grid made sense… in theory. Actually we aren’t off grid but we do get our water from an underground spring and we have a septic tank. I know… that’s not anywhere close. Maybe the Universe is helping us adjust slowly.

When we moved, we did what 99% of Americans do; we signed up for cable, phone and internet service. That’s pretty simple. Right? Not if you move to the country. Competition is limited. OK, there is no competition for internet service. There’s only one company and they still have dial-up. You want the Internet? You have to sign up for their phone service too because that’s how the Internet comes to your home. So, we signed up for all three…the bundle to save money… luckily I was smart enough not to sign a three year lease to get a discount. The contract stated “If for any reason, service was cancelled before the lease was up, you will be charged $350.” No way was I agreeing to that!

We got our first bill and I almost had a heart attack. There were all kinds of “hidden” charges that were never told to me when I signed up.


I dropped the cable and kept the bare minimum phone service so I had Internet. At first I was upset…but I have now had time to think about it. “Things happen for a reason” (I usually roll my eyes when I hear someone say that but I am coming around to that concept).

We moved to the country and are renting for now, but our goal is to network with like-minded people and own that farm. We will have that animal sanctuary! I also wanted more time to write; to read books; to learn about herbs; to spend time in nature and be more creative. I won’t do as much of those things if I’m distracted watching television. We have plenty of DVDs, CDs for music and there’s a video store five minutes away. We can make watching a movie, a special event, not just mindlessly watching whatever crap is available on TV that night (and there is a lot of crap that calls itself entertainment these days).

So, I will change my perspective. Losing the cable was a good thing. We will now be more focused and keep our eyes on the prize; the animal sanctuary.

Another thing hubby brought up is; what are the chances of us moving ten hours away and finding a place next door to people who are living the lifestyle we want? Of all the places to rent, we got this one.

That’s something else to contemplate…