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I’m moving my blog to my Face Book page. If you want to read any updates, you will find them there. It got to hard trying to keep up with all my social media sites and I felt stressed updating all of them.

It’s hard enough keeping up with all the meditating and practicing kindness. Living a Buddha life these days is hard enough without me adding extra stress to my day. LOL!

See you over here!




How to Create Intention Stones for the New Moon: Reblog

It’s the new moon already! I’m definitely making these since I have lots of stones I collected over the past few months. At the time I didn’t know why I wanted so many stones but now, just maybe, I intuitively knew they would be used for this.

Jodi Sky Rogers

N E W   M O O N. Intentions are prayers. Offer them to the Universe.

These gentle whispers got me wondering – How do You Explore and Honour your Intentions?

I set them all the time. I’m very good at writing them down. But lately, after a day or two, they rest on my journal pages, cast aside and forgotten about. So, when I sat breathing in the light of the almost-winter sun the other morning, I felt it necessary to do things differently. I decided to create intentions stones in anticipation of a fresh lunar cycle.

I like the thought of using tactile things (especially elements of Nature) to draw my intuition and the dreams in my heart out to the surface. The idea of intention stones offered itself as a pathway to invite the essence of Spirit into my physical experience a little more.


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My Spiritual Journey (So Far)

Lately I’ve been thinking about my life journey so far, especially my spiritual journey. How did I wind up choosing to live by Buddhist teachings and incorporate other spiritual practices?

I wasn’t raised in any particular religion. I can’t remember ever going to church with my parents. God and religion were never topics of discussion in our house. When I turned twelve I did go to a local church a few times. Actually it was bible school for kids whose parents were next door listening to the sermon. I don’t know why I wanted to go. Maybe it was the arts and crafts. I always liked art. I still do.

When I was nineteen, I met a guy who I later married. When I was looking for a church to get married in, I clearly remember sitting at the desk of a minister and getting yelled at for not “knowing Jesus”. Forget about getting married in his church, I was on the fast track to Hell (at least, as far as he was concerned).

I finally did find someone to marry us but I was afraid of anything having to do with church or religion for quite a while.

Many years later (and married to my third husband) we were at a friend’s house and the dinner topic was about the “Sandinistas.”
Politics was something I didn’t care about. Shopping was my thing. I considered myself quite the “clothes horse.” I politely listened until the person sitting next to me asked for my opinion. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, I admitted I didn’t know what a Sandinista was. The group (without judgment) gave me a crash course on them and our president who was Ronald Reagan. Then someone suggested I take a course at the local city college if I wanted to learn more about politics.

It turned out I did. That Fall, I enrolled as a full time student. I soaked up the course teachings like a sponge and before I knew it, I was an activist. That went on for almost a decade. It was the critical thinking classes that really got me to think about why I believed the things I did. Where they my beliefs or were they handed down to me? I discovered most of them were given to me by others.

During that time I got interested in religions. I even took courses on them. I wanted to know why everyone believed the things they did. At the time though, I read those books through the lens of an anthropologist. None of the teachings had meaning in my life. They were simply words on paper. I ended up going to a university and got my bachelors on Social Science. I admit, I never did anything constructive with that degree but I did know who the Sandinistas were and could carry on a political discussion.

In the 90s a friend was moving and didn’t have a place for his large bookshelf that contained an assortment of books on spiritual beliefs. I agreed to keep the shelf and the books until he found another place for it. Within two weeks I felt those books “calling to me.” That is the best way to describe it. I started reading them and to be honest many of the books like ones about the Pleiades aliens were to weird for me. I did find some writings that I resonated with.

At the same time I had trouble with anxiety. I went to a psychologist who assigned me several self-help books to read. I found most of them at the library and began to practice the exercises in them. Those books led me to spiritual authors, some of who, crossed over from psychology to spirituality, namely Dr. Wayne Dyer. His writings changed the way i looked at life. He is still my favorite teacher.

In my mid fifties, I was diagnosed with cancer. That is when I discovered Buddhism, along with Louise Hay. My life completely changed that year (2011).

I discovered who I really am and decided to live an authentic life. Buddhism, Goddess energy, Angel teachings and Abraham Hicks became part of my spiritual life. I resonate with all of them.

So that is how I ended up on my spiritual path.

There were lots of twists and turns which on the outside seemed disconnected but looking inward, I now see everything in my life experience were like bread crumbs leading me back to my true self.

What is your “spiritual” story? Feel free to leave a comment.




Women’s History Month: Julia “Butterfly” Hill

It’s halfway through March, Women’s History Month and I just finished re-reading, Julia Butterfly Hill’s book, “The Legacy of Luna.” In case you don’t know who she is: Julia Lorraine Hill is an American environmental activist and tax redirection advocate. She is best known for having lived in a 180-foot-tall, roughly 1500-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days.

There are many famous women who I admire but Julia is the strongest most compassionate woman I know of. And she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She faced more problems living in that redwood tree, named Luna, than most of us (men and women) will ever endure in our whole life time.

How many of you are willing to give up over two years of your life living in a tree dealing with: snow, wind, heat, rain, freezing temperatures, no plumbing, no warm bed, living with wild critters and insects and being threatened by logging companies on a daily basis? (I thought I had it rough living in a house that never got warmer than sixty degrees this past winter.) I know I couldn’t do what she did, but she did and she did it because she felt it was the right thing to do. She stood up for trees and nature and was willing to do what ever it took … and eventually won!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves nature. Julia has an active Face Book page.



The First Precept: Do Not Harm Any Life Being

The first precept of The Five Precepts of Buddhism is; Do not harm any life being.

I work hard to not kill any sentient beings, even the ones who come in from the outside. I have a large plastic cup that I keep in the kitchen to capture spiders and ants that wander my house. My family thinks its funny to watch me coax an ant or spider in to the cup and carry it back outside. My son told me once that I’m probably catching the same bug over and over.

Since we moved to the country there are way more critters, especially ants than I’ve ever seen in the city. Yesterday I walked around my property and noticed armies of ants marching up the drain pipes on my house. Last year we had so many ants coming in our kitchen I taped the window sills with packing tape to keep them out. I don’t like using chemicals and certainly won’t use bug spray indoors. The tape is working so far, except the time ants came out of the wall socket, but that’s another story.

The upside to seeing all the ants is we will continue having warm weather. The downside is tens of thousands of ants are trying to get in my house.

Ants are sentient beings and they don’t know I don’t want them in my house, eating my food. They are just beings ants. I really, really don’t like the idea of killing any of them. And I really, really don’t like ants crawling all over my kitchen. So, I bought a bag of diatomaceous earth and sprinkled it around the outside of my house. I know many ants will die, but it is my hope that the other ants will see what happened to their friends and move someplace else. There is a property next to me where no one currently lives that has several rotting cars and a barn they could setup house in. Maybe they will find it.

I also told myself that the ants will reincarnate and come back as something even better that being an ant.

I hope that’s true.

So far today, there is no sign of them. Hopefully, I won’t need to use any more DE and we can all live in harmony this summer.



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Four Reasons to Embrace Being Different: Repost from The Daily Positive


The Daily Positive is one of the websites I subscribe to and the following is one of their recent posts that I thought I’d share with you. It’s about embracing your unique self, something I think is important in order to be truly happy. If you want to live a more authentic life, click the link here.